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The Betterez ticket system makes purchasing and redeeming tickets quick and easy for Can-Ar customers.

Toronto, ON Canada, May 9, 2012 – The launch of Betterez ticket system, a reservation, marketing and planning service, will make the use of Can-Ar bus transportation faster, more convenient and user-friendly. Customers can simply visit www.can-arcoach.com. By inserting appropriate information such as date, time and location of your trip, the no-fuss, easy-to-use reservation system will immediately produce your ticket.

The simplified, online process provides real-time information, which allows customers to browse and select the route that is most convenient to their needs. Tickets are digital and may be redeemed at the terminal through mobile devices. By introducing a paper-free option, Betterez provides a hassle-free experience for travellers.

Betterez’s team of transportation and technology experts have addressed the needs of customer service and accessibility, ensuring a superior ticket system that provides an easy and timely checkout experience for ticket purchasers. The team understands the modern needs of customers and their desire to search and purchase products in the most convenient way possible. The Betterez platform has taken all the necessary measures to create a secure and successful purchasing and redeeming ticket experience for today’s customer.

For more information, please contact:

Steve Gucciardi
Operations Manager
Can-Ar Coach Service

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